We exist for people who want to love what they create and the process of creating it. We exist for leaders who are dedicated to exceptional organizations. We exist for adventurers who step out of their comfort zones in service of the extraordinary. We exist for those who want their careers to make a meaningful difference for individuals, communities, and the world.


We are a team of professional coaches and consultants that are dedicated to making a profound difference for our clients. We are committed to the possibility of paradise: that we can cultivate in our work, our homes, and our hearts ways of being that lead to joy, connection, and fulfillment each day.


We create transformational experiences, helping individuals and organizations joyfully create the culture, relationships, and success that they yearn for.


Transformation occurs when a profound shift happens, altering the fundamental nature of something. By transforming how see ourselves, the people in our lives, our stories of the past and hopes for the future, we are able to experience the world, our lives, and our work in completely new ways that dramatically enhance our possibilities. Transformation is often seen and felt by those around us as we begin to radiate more energy, love, and possibility into the world.


Our philosophy is based on core transformational views, offering new ways of looking that unleash human and group potential.

Common ApproachesHearthstone Views
Reacting from past and present circumstancesActing from commitment and a compelling future
Getting through thisLoving this
What is predictable?What is possible?
Protecting AgainstOpening To
Tried and trueUnknown and unpredictable
Figure it outTrust intuition
Blaming it or themResponsible and free
Figuring out what to doChoosing how to be
Fear of what we’re notLove of who we are
Just the way it isIs that so?
We knowWe wonder
Conforming to expectationsFreedom to choose and inherent greatness
Performing & SeemingAuthenticity
Something is wrongWhat does wrong mean?

We are provide services across the United States and internationally.

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Ready to be our next success story?


I wasn't sure what to expect when I started my journey with Matt.  What I got was an experience that left me feeling like I was strong enough and bold enough to live my life authentically.  During our time together, Matt challenged me to confront habits and behaviors that were holding me back from going after what I really wanted.  Not only that, but our work helped me to really clarify what exactly it is I truly desire from life.  If you are at a crossroads or in the midst of a change (relationship - career - life in general) and need help identifying and navigating your next steps - work with Matt!  You'll definitely be challenged, but you won't be disappointed.” - Kristin 

"I had this mindset that I would never dig myself out of this hole I created for myself as a young adult. I found myself lost and always needing to please others, especially those closest to me. I was given the tools to strengthen my romantic relationship, cut some much needed cords with family, and give my soul the love it was craving for so long. Matt's attention to details, his candidness, and creative dialogues made coaching playful, interactive, and never made me feel like I needed to "fix" something about myself. He always let me have the reigns and never put me in a position that I couldn't handle on my own. I don't think I could ever find the words worthy enough to say how Matt and his guidance has transformed my life." - Leah

“The insight, shift in being, and new way of seeing life I gained as a result of my work with Matt has shaped my life in a completely new way. I am more empowered, kind to myself, able to see the best in others, optimistic, and more of the best of me all the time. I can’t recommend enough that all of us undertake the work that Matt will gently—and compassionately—help you discover.” – Ryan Lennberg, CFO, Cole Diagnostics

"You will never a more compassionate and insightful coach than Matt. His constant focus is upon on you attaining a better, happier and more fulfilling life. He works with you on any or all aspects of your life. I am filled with gratitude for what we accomplished.” – Felicia Wilhelm, Founder and CEO, Prairie States

“Our corporate goal for 2019 is better communication. We invited Matt to conduct a special workshop on effective listening and scheduled sessions so all of our employees could participate. Employees felt it was a valuable experience and truly appreciated the opportunity to relate to each other in a “personal” way that helped them understand each other better." – Felicia Wilhelm, Founder and CEO, Prairie States

About Our Founder

Matt Maxwell is a professional coach who works with individuals and organizations to be their "highest and best" and create joyful, empowered relationships. He works with clients who sense their potential to positively transform themselves, their relationships, and the world around them, supporting them to clarify their vision and design pathways for achieving it.

Matt is an engaging speaker, presenting on topics that drive personal and professional transformation, such as integrity, power, and compassion. He hosts the Cultivating Courage podcast and is the author of How to Hold a Cockroach: a book for those who are free and don't know it. You can find out more about his books here: howtoholdacockroach.com.

Matt is a member of the International Coach Federation and a graduate of the Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training Program.  Prior to his career in coaching, Matt worked as an attorney, serving clients in the financial services industry. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School.

When he’s not coaching or speaking, Matt can be found writing in coffee shops, performing on stage as a professional actor, or practicing the bass guitar.



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