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What vision of your work relationships and culture would have you happy to arrive at work, energized and excited to be there? A unified environment where each team member feels supported, connected, engaged, and loving not only what they do, but how it is done. Let’s partner together to make the possibility a reality.

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Ignite180 −Organizational Culture Transformation

Organizational culture – our automatic ways of being, thinking, and relating to each other – can have a drastic impact on our power to create and on how much we enjoy it. Is your business facing culture challenges? Maybe everyone is busy putting out the day-to-day fires of your organization while long-term planning gets neglected and engagement declines. Or broken internal relationships are sucking the energy out of creating desired results and a satisfying team experience. Maybe managers are estranged from their teams or sales people from their clients. And the impact of challenges like these is that you (and those around you) begin to fall out of love with your business.

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If your organization is ready for a powerful culture transformation, Ignite180 is for you. We begin with leadership coaching – unleashing your heart, enthusiasm, vision, and power, so that you become the future you envision for your organization. Then we partner with you to design and implement transformational structures and programs that create an empowered environment that you and your employees love to work in.

Team Leadership Training & Coaching Program

Through a combination of team sessions and one-on-one coaching, we guide groups of leaders through a transformational process. By completing the six-month program, they will better leverage their inherent strengths, powerfully fulfill on the results they declare, and enjoy deepened relationships in their personal and professional lives. The impact of the process ripples throughout organizations, extending to employees, customers, partners, and the community. Click here for more information and to register.

Workshops & Retreats

Our workshops and retreats generate personal power, interpersonal leadership, and team connection. Experiences are interactive and include personal exploration exercises and group activities. Participants leave with transformational awareness and tools that allow them to powerfully create their life and career.

We partner with you to select topics tailored to your organization’s particular challenges and opportunities. For more information and a menu of potential topics, click here.

Public Speaking

We speak at organizational and industry events on topics related to organizational culture and personal empowerment, including compassion, integrity, possibility, and being.

Leadership Coaching

We work with organizational leaders to clarify their purpose and vision, distinguish what’s in their way, and then harness their personal power to create the results and experiences they desire in their organizations, careers, and relationships.

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Case Study: 

A core component of a health care company’s operations is the daily calls its employees make to individual insureds and insurance brokers. Due to the high stakes of personal health, the conversations were often emotionally challenging and energetically draining for company employees. The health care company partnered with us to generate a different experience for these employees.

Following a period of one-on-one coaching with company leadership, we worked together to design and present a company-wide workshop on powerful listening. The workshop introduced a new set of paradigms for listening and included fun practices for team members to engage in.

Participants reported a lasting impact on the ease and enjoyment of their conversations, both professionally and personally.



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