Paradigms for Leadership and Connection

What is Ignition?

  • Six months of leadership training, coaching, and group support.

What will I get from participating?

  • Training and specific tools for leadership topics like communication, enrollment, relationships, and trust.
  • A new sense of your personal capacity, creative ability, and inherent gifts.
  • Expanded results in your career, relationships, well-being, and passion projects.
  • Connection and friendship with like-minded humans.
  • If you're willing, fun and adventure!

See the testimonials below to learn what prior group members have shared about participating.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals looking to accelerate their current career trajectory or transition into a different path.
  • Companies who want to enhance the effectiveness of their managers, salespeople, or other leaders.
  • Entrepreneurs who must excel not only at creating excellent products and services, but at marketing them.
  • Anyone looking to magnify their business results, personal enjoyment, and relationships.

What will we do?

  • Bi-weekly training on transformational leadership topics.
  • Group and one-on-one coaching customized to the specific needs of group members.
  • Practices & exercises to amplify learning and results between sessions.
  • Group accountability and support.

Who is leading this?

  • Sessions are led by our team of professional coaches, including Hearthstone founder Matt Maxwell. Learn more about us here.

Where and when?

  • All sessions are conducted live and remotely via Zoom.
  • Two 90-minute group sessions each month.
  • One 60-minute individual coaching session each month.
  • Groups begin on a rotating basis.

How much?

  • $315 per month or $1,675 for the entire six months, if paying in full before the program begins.

How do I register?

  • Fill out the registration form here to begin the process! We will follow up with a welcome packet, coaching agreement, and invoice for payment.

What if I have questions or am on the fence?

Please email us at contact@thisishearthstone.com or schedule a call using the link below. We’re happy to answer questions or chat about what you're looking to create and whether this would be a good fit.


“Going into it I thought it would be uncomfortable to share personal things with strangers but it actually made it even better to see how others are handling life...stress... goals... COVID.. and made it all more relatable! 

I would definitely suggest it! I've never had a coach before, only a therapist. And the experience was amazing! I went into it thinking it would be a way to achieve my personal or business goals, but I came out of it with way more: a new perspective on myself & a set of tools to continue improving & group of people who are a support system!”



"Upon signing up for Ignition, I knew that Matt Maxwell was an extremely generous, caring and kind person. But I was not entirely sure how the program would benefit me. What I found was a place to explore supportive new ways of thinking about and approaching my life. I connected with a wonderful group who I now care deeply about. And I am walking away with a deeper level of peace and bliss than I have ever known and a knowing of greater possibilities than I had ever considered before." 


“Ignition over-delivered on all my expectations! I went into the program hoping to gain clarity and motivation related to some professional goals. I not only obtained all of that, I also left with an incredible depth of awareness around my life’s purpose and my core values. Matt is truly gifted at inspiring and empowering all his participants to live into the life they desire and deserve. I couldn’t recommend this program more highly.”


“Being a part of the Ignition Group was such a gift and at the perfect time. I can’t say I found Ignition, because I honestly believe Ignition found me. It enabled me to create more peace in my life and in my home and right before facing the major life disruption of the recent pandemic. It also showed me the next steps I wanted for my life, which in my case is acquiring a coaching certification.  

I deeply feel and appreciate Matt’s passion for finding breakthroughs for each participant in Ignition. I have been incorporating the new insights I gleaned from Matt’s guidance, tools and reading material into my daily life and am so grateful for them. Thank you, Matt! I am so glad I could be a member of your first group.” 

Carla Duren

actress, musician